Jack A Edwards
Coldwell Banker Realty

Many of my clients are looking for the opportunity to find a move-up home or a down-sized home, but really don't want to sell their current house until they find that replacement home. Unfortunately for them, most sellers don't want a buyer that cannot buy unless they sell their current house. They want non-contingent buyers who are really ready to move forward with the purchase. 

There are generally three ways to make that happen:

1.  Have enough money saved for the down payment and enough income to cover both mortgages. You can go out and find and buy your replacement home and then put your current house on the market.

2.  Sell your house, move into a rental property, then buy your replacement home.

3.  Find a way to get a sale guarantee that your lender will accept so that they approve your purchase of the replacement home as a non-contingent buyer. 

Most of us cannot do number one, so we really only have the last two options. Additionally, most people really don't want to have to move twice unless they are relocating to a new community and they want to get a feel for the new town before they decide where to buy.

So, that leaves us with finding out how to get a sale guarantee that will put us in a position to buy the replacement home before we have actually sold our current house.

So, I suggest that you watch this video. to learn more about option 3.  


To do it the right way, make sure that you talk with my favorite lender, Frank Monaco at Guaranteed Rate Affinity. You can use our RealSell Mortgage to move forward as a non-contingent buyer so that you don't have to worry about having to get your current house sold before you look for your next dream home.

After you read more about it, give me a call or send me an email to ask more about it. 

Learn more about our RealSure Mortgage program here.


I am sure that you are wondering how to get the sale guarantee to qualify for the RealSure Mortgage program noted above. We at Coldwell Banker have a program that will give you a sale guarantee when you list your house for sale with us.

Unfortunately, it is not available yet for every home. Currently it is for homes that are valued at less than $525,000 but that number does change and it could be higher now.

Yes, Coldwell Banker has program to allow you to have a cash offer in hand for your current home, but I think we offer much more to you with our program than you can find with other I-Buyer programs. For example, with our program, we can give you a sale guarantee that you can use to buy your replacement home as a non-contingent buyer.

We should talk before make a decision on this type of program to make sure that it is the best option for you and your family.

Our program is called RealSure Sell. 

After you read more about it, give me a call or send me an email to ask more about it. 

Learn more about our RealSure Sell Program here.