Checklist for Our Marketing Plan

q     Provide seller with a Market Analysis to establish the most effective asking price.

q     Make recommendations on staging house to improve it for quickest sale at the highest price.

q     Provide on-the-spot exposure of your property by placing a Coldwell Banker for sale sign on property.

q     Prepare a "Quality Features Sheet" to tell about the house, pointing out all the special features and benefits to the buyer. Mail just listed notification to neighbors in a Gold Envelope to stand out.

q     E-Mail, Fax and/or telephone information about the house to agents that are active in the area.

q     Request placing house on our office tour of new listings to expose listing to agents in our offices.

q     Report the results of the agent's comments, so that we can fine-tune our marketing plan.

q     Use a professional photographer for photos, virtual tour and professional TV spot. 

q     Create a custom website for your home. 

q     Produce a thorough and complete MLS listing, pointing out all the benefits to buyers and agents.

q     Promote house to every qualified client, buyer and investor we know of and have in our client database.

q     Create exclusive mobile brochure for delivery to buyer's mobile phone.

q     Place advertisement on our page.

q     Place advertisement on our website.

q     Place advertisement on,

q     Place advertisement on and  + 700+ real estate websites.

q     Personally host an open house if requested by the seller. (Not all sellers want open houses)

q     Magazine Advertising and Professional TV spot on Channel 31 on Saturdays at 4:30. 

q     Advertise and promote house to the Agents who actively work in your area and price range.

q     Follow up with the agents that have shown house to prospective buyers for their buyers' reactions.

q     Inform client of new listings that may have an impact on the sale or price.

q     Call, Text or e-Mail daily, biweekly, weekly, bimonthly, to keep client apprised of the status of listing. (based upon client's needs)

q     Review offer and negotiate to obtain the best possible price and terms for client.

q     Be with client through the close of escrow and beyond. Keeping Escrow Closed!!!

In addition to the above, I also provide community information resources to buyers and sellers at my local website, that you will not find with any other Realtor.